Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The Nation has chosen it's Song For Europe... but there's still unfinished business on the world wide Olympic Pudvision Song Contest front!

We announced last year that we were hoping to raise the profile of Black Pudding Throwing, along with other Great British sports that are ignored by the International Olympic Committee... and campaign to have our sports recognised, if not as official events, but at the least as part of the opening ceremonies. We called for a SONG to spearhead the campaign and opened the PUDVISION SONG CONTEST.

... It's now time for the nation to choose A SONG FOR THE OLYMPICS!!!

Over the next few months we will be posting some of the entries to this website... starting with The Chatterton Riots' moderately tuneful opus, 'PUDLONDON (Who Would Have Believed It)'

Voting will be a combination of number of 'hits' and number of 'posts' supporting each entry. A final winner will be announced at this years' World Black Pudding Throwing Championships in September.

Late entries will still be accepted up to a month before the final decision... although the later the entry, the less time to gather support.

Terry Wogan was today unavailable for comment.

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