Monday, August 29, 2011

Pudding it back together

Well, it seems like a lifetime since the last time I stood on the Golden Grid, brow furrowed in concentration, arm swinging slowly, feeling the clammy moistness of my pudding in my hand, visualising, ready to compete.

But as any serious athlete will tell you, sometimes the tension feels tight enough to break. Sometimes it does.

That's how it feels when injury strikes. The thrill of the hunt for glory is replaced by the long road to recovery. The scent of the quarry lost. Determination and pain replacing the exhillaration of the moment.

So this is IT again. After a seriously torn ligament that reduced me to crutches for a significant part of the pudding throwing calender, back in training. Willing forgotten sinews to behave, flex, do what my mind asks.

It is a long shot that I'll truly be in contention again this year. Maybe next year. But still it feels good. Only a few weeks to this year's competition, and who knows... The old beast may awake... The chase for GOLD... There may be life in the old pudding chucker yet!.... LOB ON!!!!!


Emma Browning said...

How do you sign up for this event!!??

lee said...

Emma, just turn up on the day. Entry charge £1. Starts 11am, Sunday 9th sept 2012, Bridge St Ramsbottom. Entries open till 4pm. Live music festival noon till 10.30pm. Lots of other entertainment, stalls, rides etc